Beach Adventures in Bocas Del Toro

The Beach that Bocas Del Toro is famous for is Red Frog Beach. This beach is a 5 minute water taxi ride from Garden of Eden. Red Frog beach is a white sand beach that is the focal point of the Archipelago. An attraction to this beach is the access to great beach dining options. Red frog is also a good surf beach.
Other beaches in the vicinity of Red Frog include Turtle Beach (10 minute walk from Red Frog) and Polo Beach (40 minute walk from Red Frog). The further away you get from the resort of Red Frog the fewer people there are. These beaches are definitely worth the walk.  Polo Beach has great snorkeling depending on the level of the tide.  
For the more adventurous (and physically fit) there is Long Beach – aptly named for the two miles of white sand. While most tourists going to long beach are campers, on a good day it can be reached with an approximately 3 hour walk along the beaches of Red Frog, Turtle, Polo, and the Bastimentos Nature Preserve.  This beach excursion does require a full day, and a guide is recommended.
Starfish Beach

Protected on the leeward side of Boca Del Drago on Colon, Starfish is host to backpackers and families alike. The shallow ridge that runs along the entire beach is perfect for wading the day away. There are usually vendors set up along the beach offering sandwiches and refreshments. Starfish is the perfect “lazy day” option.

Paunch and Bluff Beaches

These beaches are local surf hangouts and frequented by many of the backpackers. Bluff beach is also a popular venue for observing the leatherback turtle nesting and hatching.

Zapatillas Islands

These islands are one of the most popular attractions in Bocas. White sand beaches encircle the islands, they are host to a number of boat tours every day. It is a National Park so expect to be charged $10 park admission in addition to your transportation.