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Best Places to Visit in Panama and Staying in Panamanian Boutique Hotels

March 8, 2017

If you are looking for a gorgeous country to visit in South America, Panama is a must-add to your traveling list. Sandwiched between Costa Rica and Columbia, this is a well-traveled country that is filled with culture and history. From spending your days on the sandy beaches to exploring the area, there is much to do. Learn why you should visit Panama, restaurants to go to, culture and Panama boutique hotels to stay in during your travels.

Why Visit Panama

Panama is a beautiful country to visit. Known as the “crossroads of the Americas,” this country has such a large amount of original and untouched land. Whether you are traveling from countries to the area, or just a few hours away in the United States, it is a quick trip from many places. One of the best things about this country is its warm temperatures and pristine beaches and islands. Panama is a great country to visit if you are looking for outdoor activities. Whether you want to spend time in the water diving or snorkeling or hiking in its tropical forests, you will love all of the wildlife you will see.


Panama is rich with culture, making it an incredible place to visit. You can find a mix of Latino, Caucasian, African and other ethnicities all in this country. With such a variety of culture, you will enjoy many different types of food, music and more. When it comes language, the official language of this country is Spanish. However, Americans who travel in the area will be able to communicate with many as English is spoken here, too.

Places to See

The Pearl Islands in Panama is a great place to add to your list. It consists of a group of islands full of original land. It is a great place for kayaking, fishing, diving, sea watching and more. Many love the area for its pristine condition as it has many reserves, white sand and crystal clear water. Next, be sure to add Coibana National Park in the Gulf of Chiriqui. The area is a marine reserve right of the coast Pacific coast of Panama. The park has 37 islands that surround it. When you travel to Coibana National Park, diving is one of the most popular activities as the area is incredibly rich in marine life. Last, add Bocas Del Toro to your travel list. The area is a set of islands and many love how original and untouched much of the area is. From the land to the water, you will love the land, and culture. Learn more about Panama in CNN’s 11 Reasons to Visit Panama.

When traveling to Bocas Del Toro, you will love your trip when staying at the Garden of Eden. This hotel is located on an entire island, which you can explore eco retreat packages from Garden of Eden. From surfing and snorkeling to beaches and diving, there is so much to do in this area. Find rooms and rates for your trip to Panama today!