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Explore Bocas Del Toro Surfing and Water Excursions

April 26, 2017

If you are looking for a fun and memorable getaway along sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters, Bocas Del Toro is the perfect place to stay. It is a recently discovered area located on the northwestern coast of Panama and it is the perfect place to enjoy nature in its original, untouched state. Given that it is surrounded by water, it is a great destination for those looking for a trip by the sea. Learn more about Bocas Del Toro surfing, water excursions and other activities to explore on your trip.

Surf Guide

If you are a surfer and looking for the perfect season to surf in Bocas Del Toro, the December through April and June through August periods are great times to surf. These will allow you to take advantage of large waves that provide fun challenges to any surfer. The December to April season has some of the most challenging waves. The June through August waves are still high, but not as active. If you are new to surfing, September through October do not have as much wave activity. So, if you are looking to try for the first time or just enjoy calmer waters, this is the best time for your trip. For a more in-depth look into current surfing conditions check out this surf report for surf report for Bocas Del Toro.

Water Excursions

In addition to surfing, there is so much that you can do in Bocas Del Toro that’s in the water! If you are looking to explore the area, find a tour that covers the entire province. This is a great thing to do at the beginning of your trip so you know your way around during your stay. Given that the island is very much still in its original state, it makes water activities and exploration more fun and interesting. Many love to go diving in the coral reefs and explore the various areas of the sea. For others, they enjoy deep-sea fishing or snorkeling. You can also take some time to kayak around various parts of the island or spend time on a boat.

Other Activities

Since the area has not been modernized the way many cities have been, many who travel to Bocas Del Toro love to explore the colorful wooden houses and the charm that the area has. If you are active and would like to incorporate exercise into your trip, try relaxing yoga or Pilates. You can find sessions on the beach to connect with yourself and nature in a gorgeous atmosphere. If you pack your hiking gear, you can hike through the forest and see exotic birds and gorgeous trees and plants. The area also has many other activities from cave tours and bird watching to ziplining and horseback riding.

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