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A Guide to Food When Staying in Panama Boutique Hotels

May 24, 2017

One of the best things about traveling to a new city or country is the food. Exploring new cuisine and culture is an unforgettable experience. As you travel and look to explore Panama boutique hotels, a great element to add to your itinerary is a list of restaurants to visit and foods to try. Get an overview of Panama cuisine, restaurants to visit and popular beverages in the area for your trip.

Overview of Panama Cuisine

When traveling to Panama, you can enjoy a variety of fresh foods. The people of Panama come from a variety of cultures bringing many different types of foods into the country. The country is also home to a wide variety of vegetables, fruit and other types of ingredients that make the food fresh. Because of the diversity brought to this place, there are a variety of dishes. One of the popular foods are bollos. These are corn dough wrapped in a banana leaf. Fresh corn tortillas are also popular in this area, often topped with cheese. Fried yucca, a vegetable similar to a potato, is also popular. Fresh fish is also popular in this region. From shrimp to lobster from both sides of the coast, you will enjoy a wide variety. Last, you can’t skip out on dessert! Flan and tres leches are popular Latin cuisine. In addition, you can enjoy delicious fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, and passion-fruit.

Restaurants to Visit

When traveling to Panama, specifically Bocas del Toro, there are variety of restaurants to try. During your trip, visit Buena Vista. This beachside restaurant offers a wide variety of foods from appetizers and salads, to wraps, burgers and more. Whether you are looking for delicious Panamanian cuisine or something from state-side, they have that too. Another great restaurant to visit is Taco Surf. This restaurant serves fresh California baja fresh mex. They serve delicious tacos, burritos, nachos and specialty fries. There are also options for vegetarians. Last, add Ultimo Refugio to your list. This popular Bocas del Toro restaurant is just a short walk to the beach and is home to live music and art. From grilled octopus and tuna tartare to ceviche and skewers, you will love the mixture of foods.

Popular Beverages

Thanks to the area’s delicious fruits, there are many delicious flavors used for drinks. One of the best flavors are fresh coconut juice. There is also pipa, which comes from coconuts as well. You can also drink a variety of “chichas” which is known as fruit juice. The area is also home to delicious beer. One of them is a dark stout call Balboa beer. You can also try another brew called “seco” which is made of fermented sugar cane.

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