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Water and Beach Safety Tips When Staying at Panama Boutique Hotels

June 21, 2017

During a trip to Panama, one of the best ways to spend quality time with friends and family is by the water. When you are spending your days poolside, beachside or in the water, it is important to remember water safety to ensure no one gets hurt. From beach safety and snorkeling, diving and surfing to protecting yourself from the sun, there are a variety of things to remember when staying at Panama boutique hotels.

Beach Safety

When swimming in the ocean, you are in a completely different environment than a pool. For those who aren’t experienced swimmers in the ocean, you can get caught off guard with rip currents. Rip currents form close to the shore of the beach. It happens when water circulates at a rapid speed. Those who get caught in a rip current and aren’t experienced can get injured. If caught in a rip current, keep calm and breathe slowly. If you can swim, swim diagonally. Large waves can also be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. Avoid swimming and stay close to shore. Last, be vigilant for sharks if they have been known to the area. Follow instructions to vacate if one has been spotted.

Snorkeling, Diving and Surfing

When snorkeling or diving, make sure to follow instructions of your instructor. Even if you have done either of the activities before, you want to make sure you have the proper equipment and everything fits properly. When swimming in the ocean, make sure you are vigilant of your surroundings and do not try to interact with fish and other sea life you come across. For surfing, large waves can be perfect. However, depending on the wind and weather, it can get dangerous. When surfing, if you fall off your board, try to fall away instead of face first. By extending your arms as far as you can, it will help you to stay higher in the water.

Avoiding Sun Burns

As you plan to spend a day on the beach, it is important to practice safe sun. Make sure you purchase sunscreen that protects you from both types of UV rays (UVA and UVB). Apply it a little before going outdoors. If you use a spray sunscreen, make sure you rub it into your skin. Depending on how your skin reacts to the sun, you will want to get a sun protection factor (SPF) or at least 30 or higher. Also, apply often. Even if it is a waterproof sunscreen, periodically make sure to update throughout the day. For more tips to keep safe in the sun, read Hitting the Beach? Soak Up These Top Sun Safety Tips.
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