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Trip Ideas When Renting an Island from Bocas del Toro Resorts

July 19, 2017

When you think of the perfect vacation, have you ever considered renting an island? Many do not even realize they have this option, which happens to be a great way to travel. Whether you are traveling with a group or are looking for a perfect getaway for two, there is much you can benefit from when renting an island for your travels. Learn about the benefits of renting an island from Bocas del Toro resorts, ways it is great for traveling with family and friends, or how you can utilize this to your advantage for a work retreat with employees.

Benefits of Renting an Island

As you travel to a hotel into a large city, there is quite a bit of time working out the logistics. Where will you park? How long will the lines be for checking in, dining out, etc.? What activities would you like to participate in that you will have to make reservations for and work around? When renting an island for your travels, you will eliminate all of those common traveling hassles. It will be quality time that you can spend relaxing and concentrating on the activities you would like to participate in.

Family and Friends

Spending a vacation on an island is a great activity with family or friends. First, if you will be getting married and are looking for alternative ways to wow your guests and relax, consider an island for your wedding. It will accommodate your friends and family and be the perfect place to continue on into your honeymoon. In addition, an island is also a great way to reconnect with friends. With today’s busy society, it is harder and harder to spend time with friends. Take a week and spend time with friends. It is a great opportunity for friends and spouses to connect and spend quality time together. Last, an island is perfect for family reunion vacations. You will have the entire space to yourselves to relax, reconnect and explore.

Work Retreats

Many employers are looking for engaging activities that will help build a stronger bond amongst their team. One of the ways to accomplish this is through a work retreat to an island. It is an efficient use of funds as you will have the entire space to plan out team building events. Having employees get out of their natural setting and take on additional challenges, such as taking a hike through the forest where they have to help each other or relax on a level that helps everyone get more comfortable with each other. Be sure to check out these other 15 team building activities for the workplace in the days leading up to your island retreat.

As you are looking for the perfect getaway, rent an island through the Garden of Eden in Bocas del Toro. Tucked away in the Caribbean, you can rent an entire private retreat for a variety of settings. In addition, we can provide eco-retreats for you and your travel mates that include everything from yoga and underwater exploration to beach BBQs. Learn more about eco retreat packages from Garden of Eden to see how we can make your trip memorable.