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Tips for Traveling to Bocas del Toro Hotels for Your Wedding

August 16, 2017

If you are looking for a tropical oasis to have your wedding, there is no better place than Bocas del Toro. Tucked away in a northern archipelago region of Panama, your wedding will not only be filled with gorgeous landscapes, but plenty to do outdoors for you and your guests. Plus, much of the area has remained untouched, leaving it in its natural state. Learn more about the benefits of choosing Bocas del Toro hotels for your wedding, ways to plan your trip with a group, and honeymoon ideas after the wedding.


When choosing a destination wedding to a place like Bocas del Toro, you are creating an experience beyond just a traditional wedding. It leaves no room to dwell on matters at the home and you can fully experience the trip. It is also an experience that is memorable for your guests because they are often reunions for those close to you. It is incredible for different groups of a couple’s friends and family to come together for a great experience. For Bocas del Toro in particular, you will love traveling to a tropical place in the Caribbean. It is a great place for a wedding with its warm temperatures. September is a dry month, and a great one if you are open to choosing a date.  

Traveling with a Group

When traveling for a wedding, there are some tips that the couple can share and plan for to help the entire group. A great way to save money and spend time with family is through large rentals, such as a house or large space. In the days that the group spends together, it is helpful for the couple to plan optional activities for those interested in specific group events. However, make it known that none has to be mandatory. Some enjoy an itinerary while others prefer to spend some time on their own. For events with groups, be sure to put together information on how people can get from where they are staying to the various locations where wedding events will be. The more the couple can plan for logistics, the smoother things will be. With many places in Bocas del Toro being remote, print off copies in case there is no cell phone service. For more tips, check out Travel + Leisure’s nine tips for traveling with a big group.

Honeymoon Ideas

Many couples get married on an island then stay there for a few weeks to relax and celebrate. Bocas del Toro is the perfect location as it is filled with a variety of activities. Whether you want to relax, agenda-free, or explore the beauty of the island, you can do it all. For those who enjoy adventures, the area is filled with unspoiled coral reefs. It is perfect to explore through snorkeling or deep-sea diving.

To help you plan your wedding in Bocas del Toro, read more about how to plan a destination wedding in Panama. One of the places you should consider hosting your special day is Garden of Eden. Call us at 507-6967-0187 or email us at to see how we can help make your wedding memorable.