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Top Reasons to Stay at Panama Boutique Hotels this Fall

October 11, 2017

Are you looking for a great place to travel to this fall? Staying at Panama boutique hotels is the perfect destination spot for fall break or any of your upcoming travels. There are many beautiful destinations tucked away perfect for the person looking for something different, or for those who have never visited the Caribbean coast before. Learn about why you should travel to Bocas del Toro in Panama, benefits of boutique hotels, and taking advantage of off season pricing.

Why Travel to Bocas del Toro

Located off the coast of Panama is the beautiful island of Bocas del Toro. This top travel spot in the country is great for those looking to relax or explore. The area consists of nine islands and 52 cays and is home to a National Marine Park that is filled with natural beauty on land and sea. From checking out coral reefs to fish and other natural sea creatures, you’ll love everything this area has to offer. The area is also heavily off the grid with many remote areas on the island, allowing guests to completely disconnect from their busy world. Also, just because many parts of the area are off the grid does not mean there is not anything to do. Guests enjoy a variety of activities the area has to offer, with some including surfing, snorkeling, swimming, beach exploring, restaurants, hiking, and much more.  Be sure to check out tips for Bocas del Toro first-timers before traveling.

Benefits of Boutique Hotels

One of the great things about staying in Bocas del Toro are the hotels. The area has the community feel that is very welcoming to guests. You’ll feel like a resident during your stay. Because boutique hotels provide the personal feel, you will be able to accommodate your travels to meet your needs. Whether you are on a honeymoon looking for a great way to relax after the wedding, or a company looking for the perfect employee retreat, boutique hotels are the perfect place to stay. Learn how to get to Bocas del Toro from Bocas del Toro Travel.

Off Season Prices

Fall is a great time to stay in Bocas del Toro because of the reduced pricing. With many Americans heavily traveling during the spring and summer, it is great to take advantage of lower prices and book travels for October and November. While the area resides in a tropical climate, October is one of the months that tends to be dry. Plus, not only will you save when traveling during the off season in the area, but you may find reduced pricing in other areas as well, such as in airfare, local travel services, and more.

For your trip to Bocas del Toro, Garden of Eden is your premier place to stay! Plus, you can take advantage of our fall 2017 pricing reduction savings. We are a boutique bed and breakfast, located on our own private island. To get started, book your room today! There is also a free daily shuttle to Red Frog Marina with quick access to Red Frog Beach in October and November.