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Top Reasons to Spend Your Thanksgiving in Bocas Del Toro Hotels

November 8, 2017

Traveling is a great way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday, especially to stay at one of the Bocas Del Toro hotels. This enables you to take away some of the common stresses that can happen when entertaining a large group and instead, relax in your own oasis. No matter what size group you travel with, you can bring some of your traditions with you and make new memories. Learn how traveling for Thanksgiving helps you explore other cultures, is a great time of year to travel outside of the United States, and is the perfect place to go with a group.

Explore Other Traditions and Cultures

Are you one of the over 60 percent of Americans that has never traveled out of the country? Or, have you never taken time to travel and explore what other places have to offer? Consider a trip to Bocas Del Toro in Panama for the Thanksgiving holiday. Bocas Del Toro natives are kind and welcoming to guests. There are many places in the area that will serve a traditional American Thanksgiving meal if you are interested. However, if you are ready to explore, you will love Panamanian cuisine. One of the top meals in the 19 Panamanian foods to fall in love with is sancocho soup. It consists of broth, chicken thighs and beef. Many in the area love to mix it with rice or tortillas. Another favorite is ropa vieja. This pulled beef is mixed with a variety of flavorful spices native to this region.

Great Season to Travel

Thanksgiving is one of the top holidays that Americans travel for each year. However, it is common to travel within the United States to visit family. With the colder temperatures and holiday season around the corner, it makes the perfect time to travel out of the country. Traditionally known as an off-season time, often times flights tend to be less expensive in areas in less demand. You will also receive savings at your accommodations, too. So, if you will have many family members traveling from all over, consider changing your destination to somewhere relaxing in Bocas Del Toro instead of your normal location.

Perfect Destination for Group Events

Transitioning in to traveling with a party, Bocas Del Toro is an ideal place to travel with a large group. Stay at a boutique bed and breakfast resort that has plenty of space to accommodate everyone. Traveling together is a great way to strengthen a bond between friends and family. Consider making this a choice for Thanksgiving to celebrate and give thanks for each other. You will all create lasting memories that will last a lifetime.   

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