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The Benefits of Traveling to Bocas del Toro Resorts

June 2, 2016

If you are looking for a gorgeous summer getaway, traveling to Bocas del Toro resorts is the perfect place for the rest, relaxation and fun you are looking for. Travelers from all over the world are traveling to this Caribbean hot spot for their pristine waters, great activities and spectacular amenities. When you travel to this spot on the globe, you are guaranteed a much needed vacation you will always remember!

Location and Area Information: Bocas del Toro is a province located in northwestern Panama. It is made of a mainland with nine main islands. This worldwide tourist hot spot is on the southern end of Colón Island, which is on the Caribbean Sea. The town itself has population of almost 10,000 people. The official Bocas del Toro travel website for the area, says those who live in this province primarily speak Spanish, but English is also widely spoken as well. For money, Bocas del Toro uses the Balboa (coins), which is the same as the American dollar. The average temperature is perfect for travel all-year-round. At a warm 82°F, this is the perfect place to kick back in a pair of shorts, tank top and enjoy time in the outdoors. February through April and September through November are typically their dryer seasons.

Activities: When choosing this area for your summer vacation, you will always have something to do in Bocas del Toro! Many enjoy spending time in the water surfing, snorkeling and diving, while others enjoy a day lounging on the beach. Fishing is another popular activity on the island, from offshore fishing in the Caribbean basin around the island for Yellowfin, Blackfin and Bigeye Tuna, Wahoo, Kingfish and Snappers. Tarpon fishing is also popular in the nearby Tranquilo Bay and Mangrove and Flats fishing. There is so much to explore in the area as well. There are “bat caves” to walk through and Cacao farms to teach visitors how chocolate is made with the chance to try all kinds! This is a great activity as cacao is one of the main things this island is known for. Many also enjoy rainforest and tropical plant and animal tours as well as kayak trips where you may even see a dolphin or two!

Other Benefits: Bocas del Toro is an outdoor paradise filled with coral reefs and miles of beaches. The island is newly discovered, meaning many of its features have gone untouched. You get to see the beauty of the island as it has always been. From animals to nature, it is true to its roots. Many also enjoy some of the Bocas del Toros hotels because they are off the grid allowing you to get the full experience of the land. It is the perfect way to unplug from our busy lives and enjoy a gorgeous setting getting away from life’s stresses.

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