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Boutique Hotels in Panama: Renting Your Own Island in Bocas del Toro

June 24, 2016

What better way to create the vacation of a lifetime than by renting a private island for your family and friends? Although it may sound like something only the rich and famous can afford, renting islands has increasingly become an attainable and fashionable route to take for traveling that isn’t only for the wealthy anymore. There are islands all over the world that can be rented, from the tiny, rocky, and isolated to the sprawling, spendy, and indulgent; it all depends on what you want to get out of your time away from it all. Pursuing an island rental is easy in Panama, where you can relax on your own deck on your own piece of land, surrounded by the Bocas del Toro surf and mangrove trees. It’s a unique option that will make your tropical vacation special and memorable.

Getting Away from it All

Renting an island gives you the chance to tailor your vacation exactly to your needs, without any interference or distraction from other tourists. You can swim in the waters that surround the island, cook meals with local seafood and produce, and lounge on the deck, watching the native wildlife, in complete tranquility. Your island time can be whatever you want it to be; it’s all about you and what you want to do. Finding solitude amidst the whirl of vacation activities is an invaluable aspect to your travels, and will leave you feeling restored and rested for each day’s new adventures.

Accommodations Tailored for You
For several hundred dollars a week, you can have an experience unlike any other without spending much more than you would on typical accommodations. It’s a great way to host a special event, such as weddings, family holidays and even corporate retreats, so you can keep everyone in one locale and coordinate activities from a home base. The Garden of Eden B&B is full-service, with a professional chef and resort manager who will always be on hand to prepare meals and meet your vacation needs, while remaining unobtrusive. Your on-site hosts can even customize activity plans for you and your group, including beach barbeques and exploration of the whole archipelago.

An Experience Like No Other
There is a mystique that comes with renting your own Caribbean island. With surf, sand, and sky all around you, there’s a sense of peace and seclusion. It’s an exotic opportunity that allows you to travel to new places and absorb the culture, while having a personal haven to retreat to at day’s end. You’ll get to journey around Bocas del Toro and see all that the region has to offer, while unwinding in your own space of private reflection and relaxation.

For making your next getaway the ultimate experience, call Garden of Eden at +507-6967-0187, or email us at You can make the entire island your own tropical paradise, with friendly service and top-notch accommodations, for the trip of your dreams.