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Popular Spots for Surfing in Bocas del Toro

June 29, 2016

Surfing in Bocas del Toro offers some of the coolest views, the most consistent swell, and a tropical surfing experience that’s hard to beat. Whether you’ve been on a board your whole life and need a new and challenging experience, or you’re a beginner ready to try keeping up with the big dogs, consider some of these popular spots for your next surf trip. Garden of Eden is the premier hotel to stay at for your Bocas del Toro surf trip, offering other activities, such as diving, snorkeling, and fishing on top of the great surf spots nearby.

Paunch Reef is on Isla Colon’s northeast side. The island bends toward the swell window here, coming from the northeast. This space is great for intermediate to advanced surfers. At six feet and under this area works well for testing maneuvers and tricks. At eight feet, things become a little more difficult to handle, and it’s best to leave it to more experienced surfers to avoid any unnecessary accidents. From time to time, it does get crowded. However, for the most part, it spreads out.

Punta Toro has a location that is a little bit of a secret, which makes it the perfect spot for surfers looking for a unique experience as it remains uncrowded. Boasting swells up to six feet with slack winds, this spot would be best for more intermediate to advanced surfers. However, just as with Paunch Reef, if the swell hits eight feet and over, the conditions are more suitable for advanced surfers who can handle it.

Julio’s Right is suitable for skill levels from beginner to advanced. At under a head high, the wave never becomes too intimidating to handle. This is another spot where it’s common to surf alone, despite the fact that it’s right under everyone’s nose.

Sandfly Bay at Town Beach hosts a collection of the premier spots for the surfing beginners among your crew. Despite the pleasant location and easy access, there is never an issue with overcrowding, and the more gentle waves are great for people who are still testing the waters in their surfing hobby. From Lilyana’s Corner to Kristi Beach, even if you’re a more advanced surfer, you’ll still have plenty to work with.

Punta Dos Tortugas has one of the best waves for Bocas del Toro surfing. It’s a more remote spot than the others on this list with a 45-minute travel time to get there, but it makes it all the more worth it if you’re an intermediate surfer looking for a change of scenery. Beginners might not find the spot as gentle as they need, but with 300 yard breaks and double overhead waves, this spot should definitely be on your checklist.

If you’re getting ready for your next big surfing trip and aren’t sure where to stay to have access to the great surf, look no further than the Garden of Eden hotel in Bocas del Toro. With plenty of activities other than surfing, an on-site restaurant that serves delicious seasonal, and local cuisine to enjoy, we are the premier destination for your dream vacation. Contact us today via email, or call us at (+507) 6967-0187 to start planning the perfect getaway.