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Boutique Hotels in Panama

July 27, 2016

Boutique hotels in Panama are usually furnished with a theme in mind. Most of them are stylish, contemporary, and aspiring in manner. The popularity, reputation, and recognition of the boutique model have prompted many international hotel companies to capture their own market share of this industry. For that reason, you will find many of them in resort destinations like Panama with interesting amenities such as surfing, spa treatments, yoga classes, and even painting classes.

A Smaller Version

A boutique hotel is usually a smaller version of a large hotel. Most of them have less than 100 rooms. Even though, it is smaller, you will find that it has a huge personality, in many cases. It is more intimate and offers its own personality, and ambience. When you are in a place like this, you are made to feel special. Some boutique hotels offer luxury services, but of course, they will be more expensive. There are travelers who prefer to vacation in a smaller and more compact atmosphere that a boutique hotel provides rather than a larger grand hotel that is busy and not as personal.

The Right Choice

Garden of Eden in Bocas Del Toro is a Panama boutique hotel that is charming and offers communal space for those who need more intimacy and quiet. There are not many other hotels in Bocas Del Toro that offer this. Each guest room is decorated with its own individual theme. If you are looking for a place with an independent attitude and undeniable comfort, then the Garden of Eden should be the obvious choice. This is one of the best places to stay in Bocas Del Toro.

The Décor

In most boutique hotels, including Garden of Eden, the décor is usually modern and oftentimes, it is innovative and cutting edge. The style of each room is sleek with bold colors on the walls. The furnishings are usually not as fussy as in larger hotel chains. The smaller size hotel gives an urban representation, involving, and incorporating other staples of the town. This offers visitors an opportunity to learn more about the location and its heritage. The hospitality at these kinds of resorts can be quite exceptional.

Homey Feeling
You will know when you have landed in an entirely enticing small town when it has an amazing homey atmosphere of a boutique hotel such as Garden of Eden. The Bocas Del Toro neighborhood is known for being a hot spot for art galleries, boutique resorts, cozy accommodations, lively restaurants, and bars tucked away for privacy.

The Activities
If you are looking for a hideaway in Panama, Bocas Del Toro is the place to go. There will be so many things to do. If you are an exercise enthusiast, you will enjoy yoga on the beach prior to hopping on a boat for that snorkeling trip over the stunning reefs. Other activities that you can enjoy include:
  • Horseback riding
  • Hiking with the assistance of an indigenous guide
  • Kayaking
  • Lounging by the pool
  • Relax at the bar
  • Staying in your bungalow and watching the sea view
  • Riding the waves
  • Dining at one of the local restaurants or enjoying the in-house food reputation by one of the local chefs
  • Swinging in the hammock as it puts you to bed
Wouldn’t this be the perfect vacation for you? Sounds relaxing, right? The folks at the Garden of Eden would attest to it. It is time to take that well-needed vacation. So, contact Dave or Su to make reservations at the Garden of Eden in Bocas Del Toro.