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Snorkeling Safety Tips for Guests of Bocas Del Toro Hotels

August 17, 2016

Are you ready to embark on an adventure to one of the luxurious Bocas del Toro hotels? As you plan your stay, don’t forget to look into the many activities that are available for guests to try. One of the most popular activities is snorkeling, but if you’ve never been before, make sure you follow these safety tips:

Never go alone.
Are you staying at one of the Bocas del Toro hotels with your friends or family? Make sure you grab a few buddies and bring them along on your snorkeling excursion. The majority of snorkeling accidents occur when someone is in the water alone, so it’s always recommended that you bring someone with you. Take turns diving under the water so you can keep an eye on each other.

Bring a floatation device.
Even if you consider yourself to be an expert swimmer, bringing a flotation device with you in the water is a smart safety tip for snorkelers. It may not seem like it, but snorkeling can be exhausting. It can be hard to catch your breath or take a quick break while you’re floating in the middle of the water, so having a floatation device that can support you for a few minutes will definitely help. If you didn’t bring one along, ask someone at the Bocas del Toro hotels nearby if they have any floatation devices available for guests. Learn more about one type of floatation device, the snorkel vest, here.

Don’t touch the marine life.
When you go to the zoo, you don’t climb into the cage and pet the animals, so when you are snorkeling, it’s important to keep your distance. Although most creatures that you see will flee when they see you coming, some will stick around in your line of sight. These creatures may have some sort of defense mechanism that they can hurt you with if you try to touch them, so beware. It’s best to never disturb an animal in its natural habitat.

Be alert.
No matter how calm the water looks or how sunny the sky is, the weather and water conditions can change in an instant. Talk to someone at one of the Bocas del Toro hotels to see if the weather and water forecast is calm before you head out into the water. Once you’re out there, make sure you keep your eyes open for any rocky shores or sudden waves that could push your body forward and cause you to lose control. It’s easy to get sucked into watching the marine life underwater and forget to check your surroundings, but you have to stay alert throughout the entire snorkeling trip in order to stay safe.

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