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The Things You Can You Do in Bocas Del Toro

August 24, 2016

Many visitors to Bocas Del Toro think that it is a party island. Once you get off the boat taxi, the fun begins. The island offers some incredible adventures outdoors. You will quickly fall in love with the amazing beaches, distinctive local culture, and rich nature, and wildlife. There are so many things to do on the island. You will never get bored. Below are some recommendations to consider.

Diving in La Buga
La Buga will offer you a great time. As soon as you walk along the roadways, you will know. The café is always filled with locals and visitors. You can partake in the barbecued chicken done on the sidewalks. You will see the café staff using skateboards to deliver the order made by its patrons. The place is operated by a guy named Tony. He is really cool. When you arrive on the dive boat in La Buga, you automatically are treated like family. Once you complete your dive, you will be taken aback with the beautiful and healthy coral reef. The instructors are great. They will stay with you to ensure you are OK.

Day Trip at Starfish Beach
If you want to take a day trip, consider Starfish Beach in Bocas Del Toro. It is simply breathtaking. Half an hour ride on a shuttle bus will take you there. You will be allowed to swim with the starfish in the quiet turquoise water. It is easy to arrange to go on a tour. During the morning hours, just catch one of their shuttles, which usually picks up tourists and locals near the park. The round trip is only $10. Walk along the beach to get to Starfish Beach instead of taking a smaller boat. Be sure you have snacks.

Cycling to Bluff Beach
If you want to see Bluff Beach in Isla Colon, then hop on a bicycle. You can rent one for half a day. The cost is only $5. Or you can rent one for the entire day for $7. Cycling up the coast, you will notice the golden sandy beaches, unbelievable foliage, and quaint houses. The bicycle ride is about an hour to Bluff Beach. There are local beach bars to hang out, but more importantly, it has crashing waves for those who love to surf.

Extreme sports
If you are interested in extreme sports, then you probably will enjoy the Bastimentos Sky Zipline Canopy Tour. You will be able to choose from seven of the company’s zip lines. If you love adventure and the chance to scream at the Universe while swaying over a sky bridge, then this activity is for you. These tours will usually run for a couple of hours in the hills of Red Frog Beach.

Paddle Boarding in Isla Carenero

If you love paddle boarding, then Isla Carenero is the spot to be. You can stand up and paddle board in the calm bay. You can rent your paddle board at Surf Escuela or Gran Kahuna. The island also offers opportunities to snorkel.

There are so many activities offered in Bocas Del Toros. Ask the owners of
Garden of Eden in Bocas Del Toro. Contact Dave or Stu at 507 6967-0187 by phone for more details.