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Learn About the Eateries in Bocas Del Toro

September 7, 2016

In Bocas Del Toro and Isla Colon, you will get the feeling of admiration upon visiting any of the islands. In Bocas Del Toro, you will find a group of islands to choose from. The most popular of the group of islands are Isla Bastimentos and Isla Colon. You can get to these islands using a water taxi. The minimal cost is only a dollar U.S.

Destination Arrival
When you finally arrive on the island, you will be met with an amazing backdrop, local art scene, and fabulous restaurants with a unique variety of cuisine, boasting the area’s culture. You will enjoy learning about the culture, the people, and the food, including their coconut rice and fresh seafood. The food in Panama is deliciously and freshly prepared. It is served in locally operated eateries or restaurants. If you are staying at a Bed and Breakfast boutique hotel, you will most likely be able to eat from their restaurant. Garden of Eden is one such hotel that has its own in-house chef.

The Cuisine
Panama’s cuisine is diverse and so, there are a lot of healthy cultural combinations such as:
  • Latinos
  • Asians
  • Afro-Antilleans
  • Indigenous
Each of these ethnic groups contributes their own blend of recipes, spices, cooking techniques, and ingredients. Inside the neighborhoods of Panama, there are many of the Latino communities involved in agriculture. Therefore, you will usually find people raising chicken, cows, and pigs, using these livestock for meat. The small farmers plant various produce such as starchy food, fruits, and vegetables.

Cooking Style
Panamanians will sometimes cook outside on an open fire, which is their rustic way of preparing food as was done in the past. However, the typically means of cooking is on stoves powered by propane gas. Panamanians use a lot of condiments and sauces in their food preparation. Let’s take a look of some of the meals you can expect in a Panamanian eatery.


Sancocho is a stew with a mixture of vegetables. It is packed with chicken or other kinds of meat.

You will love Empanadas, which are flour or corn pastries packed with potatoes, meat, and sometimes cheese. These are great finger foods. Sometimes, they are served with homemade style tomato sauce.

If you don’t mind eating starchy food, you will love this fried yucca roll. It is stuffed with boiled eggs and meat for the added protein.

Try the Tamales, which are corn dough, boiled after being stuffed with meat. It is served on banana leaves.

Here are some snacks that you will simply love.
  • Yuca Frita is yucca root, fried and served with a full meal or ate alone.
  • Plantains are prepared in three ways. You have the Maduros, which is sweet plantain prepared by frying. Patacones is green plantain cut and sprinkled with salt and fried. Tajadas is cut, sprinkled with cinnamon and baked. All of these are delicious.
  • Rice and beans mixed with pork is one of the meals known to the Panamanian culture. It is known as Gallo Pinto.
  • The Panamanians prepare Ceviche by chopping up shrimp, raw fish, or conch, mixing it with tomatoes, onions, and tomatoes, after which, it is marinated or preserved in lime juice. When finally prepared, it is served with tortilla chips.
The Eateries
One of the places that you can find most of these types of food is the Firefly, which is an eatery located behind the Old Bank. You can take your partner to have a romantic dinner or lunch while listening to the crashing waves on the shore. You will have to make a reservation beforehand.

Isla Bastimentos

Palmar Tent Lodge is located on Isla Bastimentos. The eatery serves delicious food, especially on Saturdays. Their pizza is baked in an earth oven on the beach.

Garden of Eden
Now, we come to the Garden of Eden, which is a quiet oasis, away from the hustle and bustle around. Mangroves separate this island, making it seem as if you are on a private island. There is a devoted chef who prepares food daily. The GOE chef is a Smithsonian Institute trained guide. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Fresh ingredients are used to prepare all meals. The local fishermen supply fresh seafood every day.

You will certainly whet your appetite, enjoy, and get accustomed to the Panamanian cuisine on the island of Bocas Del Toro. Ask the owners of Garden of Eden. Call Dave or Su at 507 6967-0187 for more information or to book your reservation.