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How to Plan a Destination Wedding in Panama

September 14, 2016

The primary benefit of choosing a destination wedding is that it really ends up being less expensive in comparison to a wedding in your home state. While this may be a surprise for some people, it is true. It reduces the guest list, for example. It cost less to solicit vendors in destinations such as Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. It also allows the bride and groom to decide on the specifics without the interruption or back and forth from other family members. For this reason, the planning is less stressful.

Spending Quality Time
Another major advantage of having a destination wedding is the time you get to spend with family and friends before and after the wedding. Your guest will consider this as a chance to take a mini vacation. For that reason, they may fly in one or two days before the wedding and stay a day or two after the wedding. For a home wedding, guests will usually arrive on the day of the wedding or if arriving from out of town, a day before the wedding. In most home weddings, you may not get to speak to your guests until after the wedding and usually they may be in a hurry to get back to their own normal lives.

A Memorable Experience
A destination wedding is a memorable experience for all involved. It is not just about the wedding, but about sharing a special day and special times with close family and friends in an exotic setting, making everyone happy to be there. One extraordinary location to consider for a destination wedding is Panama. Many people are not aware of this fascinating and adventurous country except for its canal. There are so many attractions that you will enjoy in addition to your wedding. There are 1,500 islands in Panama, the top picks being San Blas Islands and Bocas Del Toro. Let’s take a closer look.

Bocas Del Toro
The Garden of Eden, located in Bocas Del Toro is one of the hidden treasures for a destination wedding. It is a private getaway, very pristine, and an overall great place to feel special and be relaxed. This archipelago has ten islands on the Panama coast, yet all are easily accessible. There are not many places in the world to have the ability of retaining such authenticity as Bocas Del Toro. Yes, it is a primitive and remote location, yet seductive, and unforgettable.

The Specifics
If you are looking for other activities to indulge in while you are in Bocas Del Toro, you and your guests will have your share of snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and surfing the clear turquoise waters. Bocas Del Toro is one of the most diversely cultural places that you can find in Panama. You can stay at the Garden of Eden where you will be offered a beautiful garden wedding and your own personal chef.

The Right Choice
When you step off the boat and onto the Garden of Eden, you may be met by the owners themselves. You will find the grounds flourishing and simply gorgeous. You will definitely find this destination to be ideal for a stress-free and enjoyable wedding.

Contact Dave or Su at 507 6967-0187 for more details on how you should plan for your Panama wedding. The Garden of Eden in Bocas Del Toro is waiting to accommodate you and your guests.