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How to Pack for your Bocas Del Toro Trip

October 12, 2016

Have you booked your Bocas Del Toro vacation at one of Panama exquisite boutique hotels like the Garden of Eden? You must be excited about the prospect of going away to a Caribbean country like Panama. As with every trip, you need to think about packing, sooner rather than later. Let’s look at how you can pack for your Caribbean vacation in the popular Bocas Del Toro! 

The Necessities

Packing is one of the potentially dreadful parts of going on a trip but extremely necessary. How many times have you packed the morning of your flight and forgotten your favorite dress or your much needed sunglasses. Not many people know how to pack for an international trip. You can put minimal effort in to packing but don’t expect to have a great trip. There is a specific art to packing for an international vacation. Let’s take a closer look at how you can get this done more efficiently.


If you roll your clothes, it can greatly save space and prevent creases when you unpack. Here is how to do this:
  1. With the garment held facing you in a frontal view, pinch the upper shoulders, using your forefinger and thumb while bringing the other fingers toward the front. If this is a hooded garment, flip the hood backwards.
  2. Next, twist the wrist in an inward motion to turn the sleeves backward while allowing the edges of the outer sleeve to touch.
  3. Now, lay the garment flat with the front on the surface. Fold it in half as you bring the neck to the base of the clothing
  4. Roll into a rectangular shape
For skirts, dresses, shorts, and trousers, you would fold these in half, using the tailoring as a way to start. Be sure to roll tightly towards the hem.

Heavy Items at the Bottom

Place heavy garments toward the bottom of the suitcase. This includes items like:
  • Books
  • Toiletries
  • Shoes
  • Electronics
  • Magazines
  • Coats
If you were traveling to a country with cold weather, you would leave your coat accessible by placing it at the top. However, Bocas Del Toro has warm temperature throughout the year, so you may not need your coat for this trip.


Bundling is another way to save space in your suitcase. You could fold both shorts and trousers together, lining them up at the seam. You could fold skirts and dresses together, lining them up in opposite directions. Wrap t-shirts and tops around sleeves. Place underwear and socks between each piece of clothing as you keep building your bundle.

Create and Use Compartments

Be sure that your suitcase has different compartments to stick items in. You can also create compartments by adding items to a makeup bag or using a zip lock bag to put fragile or small items such as phone chargers, jewelry, and film rolls.

Now that you have packed successfully, it is time to call Dave or Sue at 507-6967-0187 for any suggestions that they may have. You don’t want to forget anything. You can also visit the
Garden of Eden website to learn what to expect from this amazing vacation or to book your accommodations.