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How to Enjoy Savings On Your Panama Boutique Hotel Vacation

October 26, 2016

If you want to have the ideal vacation that includes sunbathing while on a beach, surfing the amazing waves, hiking and trekking through the rainforest, or snorkeling along the beautiful coral reef, you should definitely consider the Caribbean. All of this sounds appealing and tempting, but having a paradise vacation will surely cost you. While the cost of living in Panama is relatively lower than other places, by the time, you spend an active week in your destination, expenses can add up. However, if you are on a tighter budget, here are some ways to save during your Panama Boutique Hotel vacation.

Planning Your Trip

One of the easiest ways to enjoy savings is to take time to plan your trip. Once you have decided on the location in the Bocas del Toro, it is now time to look at airline cost. Airfare can take a big chunk of your trip, so look for places that serve the lowest cost airline carriers. When airlines are competing for customers, the airfare tends to be lower. Potentially, fly into a bigger airport and take a low cost bus to your final destination. It might serve as an exciting story!

Cost of Living

Check to see what the cost of living is for the destination that you choose. Find out which Panamanian islands are less costly before you even book the flight. Staying at a local boutique hotel might provide a cheaper rate than a large, national hotel chain.

Exchange Rate

Pay attention to the exchange rate. The US dollar is typically very strong in Central and South American countries.

Stay Away from Touristy Areas

Another thing to consider is staying away from touristy areas and really dive into the local culture and cuisine. This will save you a big sum of money since you will be paying the same as the locals for meals and adventures. When areas serve tourists, the price of every things in inflated.

Packaged and Discounted Deals

Search for deals that are packaged or discounted. You may enjoy additional savings by combining your hotel and airfare in one package. If you have a big group of friends joining you on a vacation, renting a house and splitting it between everyone would definitely be cheaper.

Free Stuff

Look for promotions where you can get one night free for staying for six nights. If you cannot find this during your search, go a step further by calling the hotel or resort and specifically asking for this. There are only two answers that you can get – Yes or No.

Travel during low volume months where you will find the hotel rates and airfares for less verses during high peak seasons. Consider staying on one of the islands in Bocas Del Toro. The Garden of Eden is a boutique hotel waiting to accommodate you. We are a fun and affordable Panamanian Boutique Hotel. Contact Dave or Su at 507-6967-0187 at the Garden of Eden for price quote and to discuss accommodation details.