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Taking the Bastimentos Bat Cave Eco Tour

A trip to Bocas Del Toro would not be completed until you go on a sightseeing tour, at least once. Unlike a lot of destinations in your travels, Bocas Del Toro is not known for having art galleries, museums, and historic buildings. This destination is all about the culture, the people, and the islands. Nature is the key to your trip and so there are many things that you can do outdoors. In fact, there are a lot of activities to choose from. In fact, you could spend a whole week there and still not be able to experience everything that this archipelago has to offer.

The Trip
One of the Isla Bastimentos’ most captivating wonders in the natural environment is Nivida, which is a large cavern swarmed with nectar bats. It even has a subterranean lake inside. This massive cave is located within the boundaries of Parque Nacional Marino. Half of the fun is the trip on the way there. However, it is almost impossible to get there by yourself. You need a guided tour.

The Tour

First, the tour begins with a twenty five minute boat ride. You start out at Old Bank and take the channel entry way. You will spend the same number of minutes gliding through thriving vegetation and mangroves. When you reach the dock, it will take half an hour to get to the cave. It is recommended that you wear sturdy boots or shoes. The guides will give you headlamps when you get to the cave’s entrance. In the walls of the cave, you will notice that there are spiders. Inside of the cave, you will find a lot of bats, of course. The time spent in the cave is about twenty minutes. When you reach to the end of it, you have to turn back and go through the cave again.

Quebrada de Sal
From the town of Quebrada de Sal from the town of Bocas del Toro, you would have to take a boat ride, which last for about forty five minutes. You will pass through Punta Vieja and Crawl Cay. Upon reaching the shoreline, you will have to continue the trip up the mouth of the small river. Going through almost impenetrable mangrove forest, you will finally arrive at the small pier. There, you will enter the community of Salt Creek.

Visit to the Community

Once you reach to the community of Salt Creek, you will be guided on a visit with the indigenous people where you will learn about their lives. You will also have the chance of buying their handicrafts. A guide will take you hiking.

The Hike
Going on the hike is like going through a jungle. It may take up to an hour each way and two hours total. Look out for red frogs, butterflies, and different species of birds, monkeys, medicinal plants, and sloths. While on the way back from your hike, you may stumble upon the colorful Bocas sunset that could take your breath away. Now it is time to go back to the little town of Bocas Del Toro.

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