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What is Involved in Renting a Bocas Del Toro Resort

November 23, 2016

Have you ever considered a Bocas del Toro Resort rental? Imagine having your own island for an entire week, for your wedding or special celebration. It would certainly change your life significantly. You would have time to relax and rejuvenate. You would understand what it is to take time for yourself. Garden of Eden in Bocas Del Toro provides the opportunity for you to rent its entire island to do just that.

The Low Cost

You might surprised how low cost having a whole island to yourself. The cost starts from $500 per night for up to six guests. Most hotel rooms in the United States cost 3 times more than that. You would have access to the kitchen to cook your own meals, which would be a cost saver for sure. When you embark on a unique travel adventure,

Why Should You Rent an Entire Island?

Why rent an entire island for your friends or family? You could hold a special event such as a wedding or family reunion or you could have an extended family vacation. How romantic it would be to rent a private island for a wedding? No matter what your reason, you will be able to enjoy the ambience and setting that such an island offers. Garden of Eden opens up the possibility for anyone to enjoy an exciting, distinct and exotic vacation. In fact, this experience of renting a private island will make you feel like a celebrity.


The Garden of Eden island is a private Bocas Del Toro resort retreat. You will be able to customize your vacation to include the archipelago exploration, yoga, and beach barbecues, just to name a few activities. If you love to surf or snorkel, then this is the ideal location for an adventure, immediately outside your door. You will have access to a full line of snorkel gear to go on your own snorkeling experience. You will be in awe of the coral formations that can be found in various locations of the island.

Family Time

When renting the entire island at Garden of Eden in Bocas Del Toro, there is no age limit. You are allowed to bring your kids, 6 years or older to enjoy this quiet getaway. You can use the beautiful gardens and pool area for your special event. You also have access to the chef at Garden of Eden so you don’t have to do all the cooking yourself if you don’t want to.

The Take Away

Renting an island is one of the experiences that will continue to be memorable for the rest of your life. You might be sad when it comes time to leave but there is always time for another eco-resort retreat at the Garden of Eden.
If you’re thinking about renting an island for your next vacation then chose the Garden of Eden! Make sure you plan ahead and our staff will be sure to take care of you during your experience of a lifetime. Call Dave and Su at 507 6967-0187 for an estimated price in renting the island.