Snorkeling Trips in Bocas Del Toro

Snorkeling at Zapatillas Islands

The Zapatilals islands are one of the most popular attractions in Bocas. White sand beaches encircle the islands, they are host to a number of boat tours every day. It is a National Park so expect to be charged $10 park admission in addition to your transportation. The waters are clear and the beaches are beautiful perfect for snorkeling and fun in the sun!

Snorkeling at Dolphin Bay
A short ride from Bocas town, Dolphin Bay is a true treasure. Dolphins can typically be seen in this bay. However, you are just as likely to see them playing off of the docks of the Garden of Eden or on the deck to your room as you savor your favorite afternoon cocktail.
Snorkeling at Coral Cay
One of the most accessible snorkeling spots in the archipelago, Coral Cay also offers a couple of restaurants looking over the Zapatillas Islands and surrounding bay.
Bocas Sailing Tours
Take a daytrip with the only Catamaran sailing tour in Bocas. Tours vary but most days travel to Dolphin Bay followed by snorkeling and of course sailing within the islands for a usually smooth ride. Lunch is provided for this all day excursion. More Info Hereā€¦
Snorkeling Right Off Our Dock at Garden of Eden!